Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sochi Olympics 2014

Hello my friends, I just returned home from Sochi late last night. WOW...what an incredible experience. I don't even know where to start. I arrived in Munich, Germany on the 5th for processing where I received all my Olympic attire (opening ceremonies, on hill, podium, closing ceremonies, team photo, media, and more). I flew to Sochi on the 6th then walked in opening ceremonies the night of the 7th. It was as amazing as it had been in 2010, though culturally much different. I didn't race until the 16th so throughout the next week I attended many events to cheer on Team USA. The bond and support between athletes is like no other event I've been to. It was a pleasure to get to meet some of the worlds most talented athletes. The race itself was extremely exciting. The stands were full and our event was sold out. The race was crazy with a lot of scary crashes and exciting passes. Though it has always been my dream to get on the podium and receive an Olympic medal, I'm not exactly mad about 4th place. Unfortunately my whole family wasn't able to make it to Sochi, but I'm very grateful that my dad was able to. He was the best support and sidekick while tackling the games. Then there was closing ceremonies, personally I liked it more than opening. I skipped closing in Vancouver to get home to my family so I was very happy I stayed this time around. Rather than being arranged by Nation we were given free rain to walk out whenever and with whomever we wished. Shortly after we were seated large balloons with women hanging from them lingered out onto the stage. This was my favorite part. I couldn't be more blessed and happy to have competed in Sochi and my 2nd Winter Olympic Games. It was the most joyous experience and I can't wait to begin the climb towards Korea. Thanks for all the support, Faye


  1. I hope you had a great experience, it was awesome watching you ride. Looking forward to seeing you in Korea! Best wishes from Argentina.

  2. I couldn't be more proud of you Faye. As an Olympian wow amazing in awe and stoked for you and how much you love it!, as a person and young lady you are so lovely. Congratulations you earned it sweetheart.

  3. The city of Cottonwood Heights was extremely proud of what you accomplished and the classy way in which you represented us. We were so proud to call you a fellow citizen. You have joined the ranks of local stardom!!! We hope you could hear us cheering for you all the way from Cottonwood Heights!!! - Mayor Kelvyn Cullimore Jr.